Steampunk: History beyond Imagination






On a Rainy day, I picked up my girl and we went to downtown Anaheim where we found a delightful museum that had a banner that made my head snap as I was looking for parking. “Steampunk?!” Says I. Well then, this date just got interesting.

Inside, you’ll find exhibits from a few of your fellow Brass Gogglers! Sadly I did not get pictures of the artifacts on display due to photography rules at the Museum, but I can say I was impressed with the collection.

Also at the Muzeo, there’s a great exhibit on the Victorian Era including Oil Paintings, Books, Gentlemen’s Canes, Firearms, and many other interesting items. It was an afternoon well spent, and I encourage any Steampunk within driving distance to Downtown Anaheim, California to head on out. The Exhibit is there until January 9th.

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