Steampunk Week at Tor Books.

Posted by on October 5th,2011

Join for Steampunk Week, starting Monday and running through Friday, October 7th.

Please come and support our fellow steampunk bloggers as they take Tor through the ins-and-outs of our community: Margaret “Magpie” Killjoy, Lord Bobbins, Andrew Fogel, Captain Donna Ricci, Janus Zarate, Ekaterina Sedia, Kaja Foglio, Lee Ann Farruga, Fabio Fernandes, Simon J. Berman, John Coulthart, Nisi Shawl, Gina Gagliano, Jaymee Goh, Cat Rambo, John R. R. Leavitt, Tyson Ness, Jess Nevins, Mike Perschon, Glenn Freund, and Pablo “Mr. Saturday” Vazquez III.

Steampunk Week at Tor Books