Upcoming Server Migration

Posted by on May 27th,2011

Ladies and gentlemen… we’ve outgrown our server once again.  But thanks to many generous souls, we have the funds to make a move.

This move will result in some — though hopefully minimal — interruption in service, and I encourage those interested in progress to follow @brasstech on Twitter for more detailed updates.

Over the US Memorial Day weekend, our new co-located server will be mounted in it’s home, and your humble admin will begin preparing that server to accept the Brass Goggles blog and forum.  This new server is many times more powerful than our current “Virtual Private Server” machine: it is real, industrial-strength hardware. This upgrade will help with blog and forum performance, and pave the way for new features and capabilities.

Due to a very nice donation of time and equipment by one of our community who wishes to remain anonymous, the hardware only cost us $1100 US; however, our monthly cost is going up to $50/month; while this is cheap, all things considered, it’s more important than ever to support Brass Goggles financially if you’re able. Currently, we have funds to make the move and cover the next 3 months of operation. As always, I prefer to keep Brass Goggles an ad-free environment, and your donations make this possible.