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Expect to see more Steampunk Gift ideas as we get closer to Christmas!


A Steampunk Homestead

Posted by on November 17th,2011

[For those keeping score at home, this is the second update in as many weeks!  From here on out, we’ll be trying our hardest to bring you unique Steampunk news once a week! — s.sprocket]

“A man’s home is his castle” is the phrase that comes to mind.  Your Castle, YOUR place.  It should be reflective of the lifestyle of you and those who live within it.  No surprise then that we get threads in Tactile like this one where folks talk about steaming up the home.

Many Steampunk apartments can be found with a simple Google search. This apartment for example made it to many blogs and even news broadcasts.  The question becomes then, has anyone ever tried this on a larger scale?  Or more importantly, Has anyone ever attempted to “live the life” as well as the aesthetic? Click more to find out!


Steampunk: History beyond Imagination






On a Rainy day, I picked up my girl and we went to downtown Anaheim where we found a delightful museum that had a banner that made my head snap as I was looking for parking. “Steampunk?!” Says I. Well then, this date just got interesting.

Inside, you’ll find exhibits from a few of your fellow Brass Gogglers! Sadly I did not get pictures of the artifacts on display due to photography rules at the Museum, but I can say I was impressed with the collection.

Also at the Muzeo, there’s a great exhibit on the Victorian Era including Oil Paintings, Books, Gentlemen’s Canes, Firearms, and many other interesting items. It was an afternoon well spent, and I encourage any Steampunk within driving distance to Downtown Anaheim, California to head on out. The Exhibit is there until January 9th.

Information About the Exhibit: http://www.muzeo.org/exhibit_current.html

Directions and Hours: http://www.muzeo.org/visitor_info.html