Who speaks for dead 19th century authors?  Diani, Devine, and Steampunks do!  In a horrible twist of events, the publishing company that currently has the rights to publish Huck Finn, decided to replace the N-word with “Slave”.  This is Literary Graffiti, and to change a word that was placed there by purpose to make people ask questions goes against the spirit of History.

Mark Twain was a humorist however, and so Diani & Devine think that if he were alive today, he would fight this butchering of his story with comedy.  So using the logic of the book butchers they shall replace the offensive word “slave” with a more pleasing one, “ROBOT”.   (Click more to get details to the launch party)



Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)

This handsome fellow is a 3 inch vinyl replica of the man who literally invented the Modern Age, second only to Charles Babbage and but one step above Isambard Kingdom Brunel in my book.  Nikola Tesla deserves a place of honor in a Steampunk Home.  He runs $6.45 which isn’t a bad price.

As for a brief review on him.  I only have two complaints.  1. Why is he only 3 inches tall?  I would love for this to be about 6 to 7 inches tall.   2. Why is this not a lamp!  His glowing ball of Florescent light should be spewing it’s Alternating Current of Justice to illuminate my desk!

Find him here: At Neato Shop

Looking for some Last minute Steampunk gift ideas?  A Kickstarter Project Has these beauteous playing cards.  They are over 100% funded and will be closing in 4 days. So if you enjoy the design you’ll need to act fast to jump on this project.  You’ll need to support the project with at least $20.00 USD to get one white deck and one black deck.  The lower tiers only offer you a discount in buying the decks.

Expect to see more Steampunk Gift ideas as we get closer to Christmas!


A Steampunk Homestead

Posted by on November 17th,2011

[For those keeping score at home, this is the second update in as many weeks!  From here on out, we’ll be trying our hardest to bring you unique Steampunk news once a week! — s.sprocket]

“A man’s home is his castle” is the phrase that comes to mind.  Your Castle, YOUR place.  It should be reflective of the lifestyle of you and those who live within it.  No surprise then that we get threads in Tactile like this one where folks talk about steaming up the home.

Many Steampunk apartments can be found with a simple Google search. This apartment for example made it to many blogs and even news broadcasts.  The question becomes then, has anyone ever tried this on a larger scale?  Or more importantly, Has anyone ever attempted to “live the life” as well as the aesthetic? Click more to find out!


Steampunk: History beyond Imagination






On a Rainy day, I picked up my girl and we went to downtown Anaheim where we found a delightful museum that had a banner that made my head snap as I was looking for parking. “Steampunk?!” Says I. Well then, this date just got interesting.

Inside, you’ll find exhibits from a few of your fellow Brass Gogglers! Sadly I did not get pictures of the artifacts on display due to photography rules at the Museum, but I can say I was impressed with the collection.

Also at the Muzeo, there’s a great exhibit on the Victorian Era including Oil Paintings, Books, Gentlemen’s Canes, Firearms, and many other interesting items. It was an afternoon well spent, and I encourage any Steampunk within driving distance to Downtown Anaheim, California to head on out. The Exhibit is there until January 9th.

Information About the Exhibit: http://www.muzeo.org/exhibit_current.html

Directions and Hours: http://www.muzeo.org/visitor_info.html




2011 “Steampunk: tomorrow as it used to be” exhibition is underway!

Opening 15th October
Closing 27th November
The Forrester Gallery,
Thames St., Oamaru
Steampunk – Tomorrow as it Used to Be

Fancy a Trans-European Steampunk Convention?

Posted by on October 7th,2011

If you do, here’s your chance to get in on the planning.

Via email,  came this:

EuroSteamCon I

So here it is, the idea of a European Steampunk Convention. Since a lot of things are happening on the other side of the Atlantic and some decent events have taken place in Britain, it is about time something major happens in continental Europe. Thus far, conventions and meet-ups have only been local or country-based affairs. There are active steampunk scenes from Spain to France to the Low Countries to Germany to Poland, all of them have thus far existed in relative isolation.

Now it is time to change this. It is time we all got together somewhere.  If people travel across the length and breadth of North America to attend a convention, so can we, and we have far less ground to cover.

Maybe there will be one location where we all meet up. Maybe the convention will take place in several places all over Europe connected by life video streams. I do not care what the final shape of the event will be as long as it connects the steampunks, dieselpunks and related scenes across Europe. If we manage to turn it into a 24 hour world-wide event, even better, but for now, the working title is:

EuroSteamCon I

Some of my closest friends in and outside the scene have already given me a thumbs up and pledged their support, among them the informal head of the Austrian Steampunks. Philippa Ballantine of Ministry of Peculiar Occurences fame has also signalled her interest in participating. Now we need to connect the scenes across Europe.

So, if you are interested in joining the crew and get this project on the road, get in touch. Everybody is welcome, the more, the merrier, the more diverse, the better. If you are a lonely steampunk somewhere in Transylvania, contact me and I will help you get to the event when it happens.This is for all of us. I also want to reach out to our Spanish and French friends, we know you are out there, but we seldom meet, online or offline, let’s change this. If you can contribute, if you are a musician, a DJ, a technician, if you know, own or have access to a great location, get in touch. Let us work together and create the first European Steampunk Convention!

This is the age of the ætherweb, we can reach more people with the click of a mouse than our Victorian ancestors could hope for reaching in a life time. Let us use our connections. Spread the word! Translate this message and share it with your friends!

And to all of you who know already have an idea how they can contribute, help out or actively participate in any way, contact me: webmaster@dailysteampunk.com


Steampunk Week at Tor Books.

Posted by on October 5th,2011

Join Tor.com for Steampunk Week, starting Monday and running through Friday, October 7th.

Please come and support our fellow steampunk bloggers as they take Tor through the ins-and-outs of our community: Margaret “Magpie” Killjoy, Lord Bobbins, Andrew Fogel, Captain Donna Ricci, Janus Zarate, Ekaterina Sedia, Kaja Foglio, Lee Ann Farruga, Fabio Fernandes, Simon J. Berman, John Coulthart, Nisi Shawl, Gina Gagliano, Jaymee Goh, Cat Rambo, John R. R. Leavitt, Tyson Ness, Jess Nevins, Mike Perschon, Glenn Freund, and Pablo “Mr. Saturday” Vazquez III.

Steampunk Week at Tor Books

Mod: Electrical Gaming Device (XBOX 360)

Posted by on September 12th,2011

Our forum’s very own k-9 has produced a beautiful Electrical Gaming Device out of an XBOX 360 console:

Photo of modified XBOX 360 in position on a table


See the whole build on the forum