Hailed by New Zealand’s National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordans music has been variously described as “industrial folk”, “folk noir” and “Antipodean Steampunk” yet defies any cut and dried description. Imagine a 19th Century Nine Inch Nails banging on old iron and steam powered machines, combined with the Dead Can Dance’s electronic folk soundscapes and Sinead Oconnor’s vocals in the background.

Jordan combines pioneer-era industrial found sound, with folk instrumentation and etherial vocal melodies. She usually writes “concept” albums with stories, old and new, told song by song. This means it makes sense to hear them whole. For that reason, her first 4 CDs are available via the discography listing on her Webpage for private listening purposes. Her Blog “the secret life of machines” is also read-worthy.

I’ve listened to her latest release, and I would have to agree with professional reviewers, her new release “How the Dead Live” is original, dark, and very, very powerful. One reviews states that this release is ” A soundtrack to the cinema of unease”. What more can I add?  Have a listen.

Worth checking out.