Great Steampunk Debate

Posted by on May 19th,2010

Starting this May 1, brought to you by the premier steampunk websites, communities and publications, is the Great Steampunk Debate about the ideology of the movement.

Since steampunk inspired a distinct subculture, divorced from its roots in speculative fiction, the question of its politics has emerged occasionally without being ever answered conclusively. Many have volunteered definitions and interpretations of “steampunk” but failed to satisfy the whole of the fandom.

The Great Steampunk Debate offers a forum to steampunk enthusiasts of every kin and kind to debate, and hopefully decide, the matter, once and for all.

The discussion will take place under four headers; the first being “Politics” to exchange ideas about both the internal politics of steampunk and its relationship with the wider world.

Under “Steampunk and the 19th century,” we talk about how the reality of the Victorian era and our modern day world relate and collide. Issues as sexism, racism, class struggle, entrepreneurialism and etiquette can be brought up here.

“Scene” is for discussion about the nature of steampunk as a social phenomena. Is it foremost a genre or a subculture? A hobby or a movement? Real world or virtual?

Lastly, to talk about the relationship between steampunk and its roots in past literature, artefacts, architecture and culture there is the “Inspirations” section.

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