An interesting interview with the developer of the game Cogs is on Apparently, our humble blog and forum was at least partly responsible for inspiring the design:

Q: Which (if any) games, films, books, etc have influenced you most on the development of Cogs? There were a couple films that inspired the look of Cogs, including Hellboy II and Wild Wild West. But mostly, we spent time looking at websites like Brass Goggles and OObject. Gizmodo and BoingBoing also tend to give a lot of attention to steampunk designs. — IGF 2010: Lazy 8 Studios (emphasis ours)

Thanks, for the complement, Lazy 8!

It’s also interesting that the game was originally more industrial in nature, but the interviewee is pleased with changing to a steampunk aesthetic:

Q: I think the steampunk-ish art direction works great with something centered around steampunk elements like pipes and gears and such – but were any other styles tried? Before Brendan came on board, my original engineer art was more industrial — rusty sheet metal and I-beams. I much prefer the steampunk look. — IGF 2010: Lazy 8 Studios

Looks like a cool game, and we’re definitely proud to be part of the inspiration for the design!


Cogs on YouTube