Preparing for move to

Posted by on April 19th,2010

A quick administrative note. As of today, you can use either the current or the new domain name to access Brass Goggles.

Update: (see below for more) we’ll be staying at indefinitely! will also work for now – it might be re-purposed in the future for a related task, though.


Update: Tinkergirl noted this post, and we’re now in touch and working toward ensuring that will continue to work! Yay!The registration for is set to expire in September of 2010. TinkerGirl, the site’s founder and original administrator, owns this registration. Unfortunately, I have been unable to reach her to determine whether she intends to renew that registration or no. As a result, I’ve registered as a “safety net”, to ensure that there will always be a way to reach this site.

What’s next?

  1. If I don’t hear from TinkerGirl in the next 30 days, I’ll be switching the default domain for this site to  URLs using will continue to work as long as that domain exists and points here (I just don’t control either of those things).
  2. In September, if TinkerGirl chooses not to renew, I will attempt to renew it myself.  However, depending on the exact policies of the current registrar for that domain, there may be a period of time when domains won’t work.

Note that will continue to work until at least September 2010 no matter what happens, so: