London Tweed Run

Posted by on April 10th,2010

If, like me, you pine for a more genteel time when Ladies and Gentlemen might have a day out on their bicycles without concern for the scandilously-clad modern bikers — well, good sirs and madams, you are in luck. On Saturday April 10, the fair city of London will play host to the Tweed Run:

Proper attire is, naturally, expected. Cyclists should put aside their luminous blue all-in-ones and their fancy alien-shaped helmets, and favour instead a full tweed suit with plus fours, an eight-sectioned cap, Tootal scarf and a stout pair of brogues. Ladies can wear tweed skirts and thick stockings, as long as their bicycle is adequately secured against oil leakage.

The organizers expect 400 or so cyclists to participate, and onlookers are welcome. No comment has been thus far made as to whether gentlemen may carry their Ray Guns, nor ladies their Æther Disruptors.

[ via Boing-Boing ]