New Steampunk MMPORG – “Pervagus”

Posted by on January 20th,2010

“After the destruction of the earths surface during the last War of Domination, not much was left of humanity as it was known. With only scrap metal and wood remaining, the few survivors have learned to adapt to their new way of life. As the years pass on, only a handful of the original survivors are left from the war.”

That’s how the storyline for a new free text based Browser-based MMPORG,  Pervagus,  reads (sic).

From their website (sic):

“Your first evaluation of  text based Browser based MMORPGs may be negative. Obviously the first thing you will notice is the graphics are usually not as exciting as a 3D world. Back in the day, Role Playing games were carried out with small groups of players with pencils, paper and alot of imagination.

The dawn of the 3D MMORPG has left us constantly seeking something more. True roleplaying starts with you and not just a character you you have created. As more games advance graphically we lose our creative imagination when we no longer need to draw images in our head. 3D MMORPGs are always at a loss when it comes to roleplaying the main reason being that everyone is only able to use and interact with the world the way it is setup, and it will forever be the same for years to come.

Pervagus is looking to change the way players look at browser based mmorpgs with a true ever changing environment where players like you can make a difference. Pervagus’s turn based group adventuring will leave everyone asking for more. We designed Pervagus to be played in Groups or Solo. Wether you are currently running a roleplaying campaign with your friends or are looking for a quick game on your lunch break we want to make this browser based mmorpg the best.”