T’is the Season – Steampunk Style – Day 4

Posted by on December 9th,2009

So, now that we’re well under way, what next? How about the tree itself? The  Victorians loved their Christmas trees after they were introduced by Prince Albert, and  a steampunked tree would be the business, for sure. So, what to do?

Metal Christmas trees are still being made, although the tend to be shiny silver , so take one and spray it with brass and copper paint, as either highlights or a full paint job . Or, to satisfy the steampunk  crafter in you,  construct a  tree out of copper piping,  plumbing and electrical fixtures or old scientific equipment.  The trick would be to balance the steampunk aspects with enough traditional Christmas elements to make the tree recognizeable, and festive as well. Why not try some traditional Victorian ornamentation, as well? Victorian Christmases were lavish, overt-the top,  sumptuous affairs, so don’t worry about too much being, well, too much. Decorations could include could include small gold pocket watches or ladies’ cameo brooches, along with lacy or velvet ribbon bows. Satisfy the Victorian “naturalist collector” whim, with holly and mistletoe, pine cones, gilt walnuts and such. Lights?  Anything but canlds would be best. Indulge the mad scientist in you , though, and don’t skip lights.