Steampunk Exhibition in Oamaru, NZ

Posted by on November 4th,2009

The  Forrester Gallery in Historic Oamaru Victorian Town  will be hosting an  art exhibition “Steampunk @ The Forrester” , which opens  on 7 November and runs through to 6 December.  Admission is free.  Weta is dispatching the range of Dr Grordbort’s finest rayguns and artworks to the Forrester Gallery, where they will join forces with collections from New Zealand’s finest steampunk artists.

A few months ago, we received a mysterious visit from Special Agents representing the League of Victorian Imagineers in Oamaru. They hand delivered us a small steampunk encryption decoding device, containing all sorts of cunning plans to ward off invasion from the Moon. These fine folk were in need of the finest aether oscillators in the galaxy … and so it shall be.”Weta

This exhibit is in conjunction with  the  Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebration , which includes such events as Penny Farthing Races, a street parade, a Grand Ball, and a Victorian Street Market..