Lykamobile – what’s not to like?

Posted by on November 9th,2009

Fancy a steam powered auto to go with your goggles and duster?  Well, look no further. Steam Traction World offers the LykaMobile,  a ready to asssemble full size  kit , delivered in a series of ready to paint and assemble kits over 18 months or as a complete set of kits from stock, complete with full assembly instructions and drawings.

When F.E. Stanley exhibited a small steam car at a horseless carriage show in 1898 the public response was so fantastic that he decided to start production commercially. However, before production began, Stanley sold the production rights. One of the purchasers, Mr. Amzi Barber set up the Locomobile Company. The first model was called Style 1 but this was quickly superseded by Style 2 which became the Standard Locomobile. By June 1901 it was claimed over 3000 had been sold. Many have been preserved and they remain immensely popular

The Lykamobile is a  full size steam vehicle similar to a Locomobile Style 2, but fitted with a modern boiler and different style of burner for safety reasons. The tyres are modern and treaded. Disc brakes are also fitted. The design reflects the Locomobile as far as is practical whilst maintaining a straightforward and cost effective design, utilising available materials and components.  The engine has  Modified Hackworth valve gear and is capable of 30mph with forward and reverse.

A Lykamobile recently did the 1000 mile John O’ Groats to Lands End run to raise funds for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.