Truly the latest magazine editions

Posted by on October 25th,2009

SPM 6 Gazette 8

As you may have gathered, my last post was published with a little delay, therefore, I give you now the links to truly the latest issues of our two steampunk online magazines:

  SteamPunk Magazine takes on “The Pre-Industrial Revolution” as theme with this issue, featuring the Romantics, alchemy, Luddites, corsets, sculpture, windmills, poetry and the Victorian martial arts in their biggest edition to date!

The Halloween Edition of the Gatehouse Gazette celebrates “Forbidden Tales of Fervor and Fright” with articles about H.P. Lovecraft and the latest Wolfenstein video game. There is also an interview dieselpunk artist Sam Van Olffen and a short story by Natania Barron.

The next issue of SteamPunk Magazine is currently scheduled for release in March 2010. The next issue of the Gatehouse Gazette should appear around the 1st of November this year.