In keeping with the Raygun theme started yesterday, we’d like to bring to your attention the latest rayguns from Weta, our long-time favourite producer of rayguns for distinguished gentlefolk adventurers.

New from Weta, is the Righteous Bison Indivisible Particle Smasher, touted as: “no ordinary raygun. Far from it….The Righteous Bison can take a fair amount of man-handling. And even more woman-handling! The result, ladies and gentlemen, as I’m sure you agree, is nothing short of pretty good. The gun is about the same weight as a small brown trout (or two pints of Pale Ale) and can be fired continuously without exhausting the sportsman. Much like a good man-servant.”

Also new from Weta, is the Victorious Mongoose – Miniature Edition, which according to Weta is: “Based on the full size Victorious Mongoose, it measures a mere couple-of-thumbs-and-a-bit and is absolutely exquisitely detailed by Minisculisation Virtuoso, Dr Tremont. Made from confoundingly weighty metal, it has some rather uncomfortable-looking protrusions, so we recommend not swallowing. If swallowed, we can only recommend something really strong follows it.”

These two new additions to the Dr. Grordbort line are built with the typical attention to detail and craftsmanship, that are the hallmarks of Weta’s work. Well worth checking out.