Report from the darker, dirtier side #2

Posted by on October 18th,2009

Silent Empire by Stefan

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! After our first report there is, of course, more than enough left to discover in the realm of dieselpunk so let me share another good bunch of links with you today.

The website Dieselpunks has the pulp works of George Gross and the high flying adventures of Laurent Negroni and Elly Beinhorn on offer, all certainly worth checking out.

New at The Gatehouse is the hosted blog Cinema is Cinema by Sjón Refur, discussing period film from an expert point-of-view.

Dr Damon Molinarius, “steampunk, polymath, philosophe, chrononaut, explorer of the ideal,” posts at the blogs Strange Undisciplined Dreams of Great Things and posts steampunk art and fiction at Strange Dreams. Recent features of interest include steampunk short stories and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

The Flying Fortress had an interesting post some time ago about the Second Industrial Revolution: a significent event in the economic development of Germany, Japan and the United States for it forebode their predominance in early twentieth century technologies. The advent of electricity, mass-production and consumerism defined the Edwardian era as well as the Roaring Twenties and, as such, it is one of those things that makes dieselpunk definitely different from its big brother, steampunk.

For a look into the future that never was, visit David Szondy’s Tales of Future Past: a bit old but still updated every now and then with wonderful stuff.

And for a little fun, visit The House of the Dead: Overkill where you can make your own grindhouse/exploitation film poster. We must warn you though: “this is adult entertainment!”

Artwork by Stefan from Paris.