Announcing the “UK Steampunk Network”

Posted by on October 22nd,2009

From Dylan comes this:

” The UK Steampunk Network is an entirely un-exclusive club house for anyone involved in, wanting to get in involved in, curious about or entirely unaware of the Steampunk scene in the United Kingdom. The idea is that you come along, tell us about anything Steampunk-esque you’re involved in, organising, attending or know about, and we put it up on the site for other people to get involved in, help organise, attend and otherwise know about. You can leave comments on things other people have written, chat freely on the forum and check the calendar for upcoming events, gatherings and releases. With a little luck, we can get all the groups and–just as importantly–individuals who like this whole Steampunk thing and live in the UK introduced to each other and talking. We can get the community sharing ideas, sparking off each other, indulging in their passions and doing things together. If you have a few friends you meet up with, you could trade it up for a group large enough to make big outings worthwhile. If you’re wondering why you’re the only person who has seen the (gas)light in your area, you can find out you’re not! If you think Steampunks should descend en masse to a play in your area, you can make it happen! Okay, we’ve got big dreams. But no one ever got anywhere dreaming small, did they? We’re over at The UK Steampunk Network registration is free and easy and it’s going to be very dull without you.”

Worth a look, I’d say..