Posted by on September 19th,2009

News reaches us of a dastardly crime against one of our own, details below, courtesy of redturtle on the brassgoggles forum:


Thomas (of Brute Force Studios) suffered the theft of a monocle during DragonCon this year…a one-of-a-kind piece that was going to be displayed in the Steampunk Exhibit in an Oxford museum in October.

Here is a link to a post he made about it:

He is offering a reward for its return (no questions asked), and a reward leading to the arrest of the thief.

Please, if you are scouring over pictures from DragonCon 2009, and you see the monocle , shown above, please contact Thomas at

Alternately, please keep an eye out if you go to any cons this weekend or in the near future.

Thanks in advance