Edge of Twilight

Posted by on July 2nd,2009

Edge of Twilight is an upcoming steampunk fantasy video game, developed by Fuzzyeyes Studios for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

“The story of the Edge of Twilight,” writes Mr Finch Adelbrecht, “is about a fantasy world after the Rift, an occurrence that split the world into two separate realms of Day and Night. In this post-apocalyptic world the player takes on the role of Lex, a bounty hunter. He gets caught in the clash between two civilizations, the Atherns and the Lithern. In a battle over a vast energy source, the Lithern became imprisoned and even the victims of genocide at the hands of the Atherns. Presumably, no Lithern survived. Lex is the sole surviving halfbreed in the world, which gives him the unique ability to travel between the Day and Night realms. This ability will become the world’s only chance to avoid falling into darkness forever.”

Be sure to visit the game’s website (which makes for quite an interactive experience in itself) to view a trailer, screenshots and concept art. The game is scheduled for release later this year.