House of Secrets Incorporated

Posted by on April 20th,2009

House of Secrets Incorporated is the independent designers identity of a Miss Hilde Heyvaert from Belgium, who specializes in original and custom-made steampunk outfits that should agree to any type of steampunk enthusiast!

The lovely photograph above show several items from her “Steampunk Adventurer” wardrobe. Besides the goggles (“Girl Genius”), aviator hat (“‘t Amerikaantje”), belts (“Moda Stoffen”) and boots (“Schuh”), all clothes depicted are custom made, combined to produce an attractive outfit that breaths both steampunk and adventure.

Miss Heyvaert makes not only steampunk, though, as a glance at her flickr page immediately demonstrates. Creations range from pirate outfits (which could well serve an airship pirate, of course) to evening wear, with lots of great stuff in between.

For the more casual lady “Steampunk Aristocrat”, the following is one of our favorites, partly because it comes with a curious canine accessory. Besides the fascinator (“H&M”), goggles (“Girl Genius”), tie (“De Krinkel”), belts (“Moda Stoffen”) and boots (“Alpha Ranger”), all items were fabricated by Miss Heyvaert herself, again, to produce a most elegant outfit that any fellow lady of fine breeding might envy.