Our Correspondant maduncle informs us of his rather spiffing computer mod:

Deep in the antipodean wilderness one man struggled to find the reason as to why he was constantly compelled to find new ways to join old brass and steel machine parts together to create spectacularly useless mechanical devices.


Then a good friend introduced the world of ‘steampunk’ to this man…


‘Eureka’ he cried (appropriately) I now not only have a reason for my eccentricity – but a global community to grow even more eccentric with.


Thus the journey began. But first communication methods had to be established – and this would require a suitably modified communicator device. Exploration of the field revealed several amazingly modified boxed devices, but he had something more in mind.


It all began with a plough disc. This innocent round metal plate was the inspiration for a multi armed, articulated, cabled device that would look entirely at home on the workbench in the laboratory of any self respecting steampunk tinkerer. The plough disc sat idle until the most successful hunting trip uncovered the jackhammer – a most beautiful item that became the hub of all things to come.



Upon this hub the build began, with the installation of a memory cylinder comprised of old pressure gauges and strainer mesh.



Soon a portal device to allow connection of accessories joined the build, and then began the major task of appropriately encapsulating the main brain (between two aluminium pizza trays).



The most formidable task of rehousing the power supply in an old speaker box gave the local community cause for concern – but fires and electrocution were happily avoided.



Finally – the portal that would be the window to this world of steampunk was devised and constructed. This challenge was met with copious amounts of copper pipe, in order to produce a framed portal worthy of the communicator.



With the communicator nearing completion – the addition of a suitable type capture and pointing accessories awaits. These items are in sketch form awaiting construction…



(For more information on the build – visit ‘Antipodean Steampunk Adventures’ at www.austeampunk.blogspot.com)


(The communicator is for sale, price dependant upon inclusion of accessories and freight – for more information contact maduncle at cliffo@three.com.au)