Upgrading away… (COMPLETE!)

Posted by on November 25th,2008

UPDATE: If you’re seeing this, you’re at our new home!  You may notice that your address bar contains ‘’ instead of ‘brassgoggles.co.uk'; fret not, that should be fixed in a few days (it’s a side effect of moving to the new host).

My apologies for the short notice: we’d intended to manage this a little more slowly, but were caught off guard by a particular requirement of our upgrade process that I hadn’t planned for.

At this time, the comments to the blog are disabled, and the forum has been taken off-line. This is to prevent data loss as we make the move. This is no longer true.  Comment and forum-ify away!

This move should go much more smoothly than the last round, since we’re staying with the same hosting company, and just moving to a bigger server.  Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, you’ve made this move possible for at least the next few months.  Please continue to support our plan to be funded for 5 years by following the Amazon badge found in the Donate area of the right column (waaaay at the bottom).

Soon, soon, Now, we will no longer have our 503 errors that have plauged the forum of late! (fingers firmly crossed).