Gatehouse Gazette #3

Posted by on November 9th,2008

Steampunk is all about “Playing Roles & Dressing-Up” with the third and holiday issue of the Gatehouse Gazette.

Read about the most stylish history maker, Beau Brummell, from Mr James Roberts or discover the glory of the Venetian Carnival in an article by Mr Joost van Ekris. Learn the life story of the first steampunk musician from the man behind Vernian Process himself, Mr Joshua Pfeiffer, and let Mr “Piecraft” teach you about the early history of the dieselpunk genre with the films Metropolis and Man With A Movie Camera.

Furthermore, we have an article about steampunk makeup by Miss Bérengère Couneson, two articles about steampunk role-playing as well as a Steampunk Wardrobe column about the “Airship Pirate” look all by Miss Hilde Heyvaert, reviews of Unhallowed Metropolis, Scarlet Traces and BioShock, plus a column by Professor Delphinius J.C. Tucker.

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