A good chum of came across this interesting page of antique dive suits and various submarine designs from different eras. It’s quite a mixed bag, but some of the pictures are downright fascinating.

And while we’re both here, you may be interested in some of these interesting Steampunk works I found on DeviantArt. All of them safe for work, I assure you. I do apologize if these have been posted before. I hope, if such is the case, that you will feel that they are worth seeing twice.

Two steampunk robots and a steam-driven bicycle

Two more cartoonish steampunk robots

A steampunk countess with fan and goggles

Mighty steam-powered war machines

Another steampunk lady, this one in a library

A steampunk explorer ready for action with his elephant gun, clockwork armguard, and monkey

An enormous steampunk robot being inspected

If you have some art you wish to share, perhaps the comments would be a good place to do so? Thank you for your time, and I hope there was something here that you enjoyed.