Icon Buffet’s Steampunk Icons

Posted by on July 5th,2008

Steampunk Icons from Icon Buffet

Such a small image, but such a lovely resourse! Ms. Mathewson alerted me to the fact that icon site Icon Buffet recently included a Steampunk set of icons (seen above) in their series of themed sets! Having been a (free) member of Icon Buffet for years, I really ought to have known this, but it had escaped me!

I am not sure, however, if people who haven’t been members for a while will be able to get this set automatically on joining, or if Icon Buffet will be charging for it (but it is possibly the first set of icons I’d ever pay for, I admit) but they come in BMPs, GIFs, Mac ICNs, PNGs, TIFFs, and ones for MACOSX. I remember there being quite the drive to create a Steampunk computer theme – these would do wonderfully.

I seem to have 150 ‘stamps’ on Icon Buffet, which means if you sign up, and ‘friend’ me (Tinkergirl), I can send this out 30 times (5 stamps a pop). Please comment below to ‘reserve’ a send, first come, first served, though the first 30 people should be able to then send them on to others if they like! A big cascade of Steampunk icons. Thank you, Ms Mathewson!