Brass Snow Goggles by Mr Rice

We have known since 1862 (thank you James Glaisher) that high altitude was a cold place to be, and no Steampunk explorer worth their salt hasn’t considered the arctic, the antactic and the peaks of mountains a challenging place to go, (not to mention hunting down the 1930’s Shangri-La) but in places such as these, perhaps your usual brass goggles are not quite up to the task.

Enter Mr Rice, engineer, and his brass snow goggles with optional attenuators (shown in the up-position above). With thin slits to prevent against snow blindness, as might be seen in traditional snow goggles, these handsome and comfortable looking alternatives could probably be used for signalling too! In unrelated news, the inuit also had some rather impressive snow goggles too. Very nicely done, Mr Rice.