DIY Plasma Gun

Posted by on May 15th,2008

plasma gun!

Seeing as how this will be my first post, I figured I’d start off with something so spectacular that it would be an offense to the very aether itself. After a disappointing couple of minutes, I realized that that wouldn’t be as easy as I had initially hoped so I’ll have to settle for this instead.

If you’re anything like me, you read the first couple of pages of The Five Fists of Science and were instantly envious of Nikola Tesla and his plasma guns. Well, my dear comrades, envy no more for RMC Cybernetics has come to your aid with instructions for a DIY Plasma Gun! They estimate the cost to fall anywhere between $150-$200 depending on whether or not you use new or used parts but I think for another $50 it can be cleaned up to look like something presentable. At the low voltage they provide instructions for, your body acts as the ground so there’s little to worry about in terms of danger.

I’ve already started to buy parts and I’ll post images as soon as it’s done. There should be a video after the jump, I’m pretty sure there is…


[Tinkergirl note: Even with ‘low voltages’ do please be careful. Read the warnings, don’t be incautious – science is wonderful, but not in the hands of those who do not respect it! End of Tinkergirl’s public service announcement.]