Abney Park, Live at The Edison Club

Posted by on May 23rd,2008

Abney Park at The Edison Steampunk Event

This Sunday (25th of May) there is going to be a bit of a ‘perfect storm’ of Steampunk in LA – Abney Park (one of the best known Steampunk bands in existance) will be playing at The Edison bar (possibly the most beautiful Steampunk locale in the world) and are rumoured be accompanied by two of the brightest and best loved Steampunk creating celebrities around.  (I’m not sure I’m allowed to mention who the gents are, but I know they’ll probably tell me off for calling them celebrities!  Sorry, Sirs.)  There’ll also be high-flying aerialists and the highly regarded DJ Imagika.

Abney Park, Live at The Edison, then – it sounds fantastic.  I’m told there are still tickets to be had, and that it’ll be strictly age 21+ (that’s Earth years), and that this will hopefully be just one of many future Steampunk events held at The Edison in future.  I know in previous posts we’ve wondered if the clientele at The Edison could be as wonderful to look at as the event, but I can very quickly cast that doubt aside knowing the lineup as I now do!  To those who go – I am quite envious, please report back and do take photies!