Happy Air Kraken Day!

Posted by on March 18th,2008

Air Kraken Day, 17th of March

Once more, our skies darken with the threat of ominous lighter than air tentacles as the calendar once again informs us that it is Air Kraken Day!  Rejoice (or scream in abject terror, as you prefer) as we remember these giants of the sky – who’s loving embrace has been the gurgling end to many an aeronaut’s ill fated airship journey.

Some of you might take this as a time to raise a glass to those so lost.  Some might choose to spread the word that Air Krakens are simply misunderstood creatures, defending their airy territories.  While yet others might choose to craft Air Kraken decoys and go hunting this most elusive of aerogelliac fauna.  I recommend trying a modified solar balloon, this year, if last years kites did not bag you a specimen.  Good luck!