Recently recovered from the archive at Castle d’Arrogance, details of Herr Döktor’s  Vacuum Survival System, or ‘Space Helmet’, have just recently come to light; this object was produced at some, as yet, undetermined time (due to the peculiar and labyrinthine method of personal dating) as a means for ‘personal safety while travelling the Ætheral Void between the Spheres, and for safe and comfortable promenading upon the Airless Planets of the Solar System’ As you may be able to ascertain from the below pictures, this device is fully-functional, and no mere gimcrack or mountebank’s caprice:

Notice the rugged, but stylish, construction: the blown glass pressure bell, the cast-iron body and the brass and copper fixings; note also the externally mounted lamp, bright enough to light the Stygian blackness of the darkside of the moon.

From the above picture, it may be seen that the chest mounted control box features temperature and internal and external pressure gauges, which are illuminated and may be read by any companion, in order to obtain whether the occupant is in any discomfort. Notice also the red spigot for regulating the compressed atmospheric gas mixture, and the illuminated Atmospheric Capacity (air) dial.

The above picture illustrates the mountings and  fitments of the compressed Oxygen and Nitrogen gases, as supplied by ‘Trubshaw’s Compressed Atmospheres’, a company that proudly displays it’s Royal Warrant, for services to the Crown.

Here we can see the smaller illuminated dials and spigots that control the mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen, for the comfort of the pilot.

Note that the external gauges are replicated internally, so the Gentleman (or Lady) Æthernaut may keep an eye upon the various readings that their continued comfort relies upon.

Notice, if you will, the manufacturer’s warning:




The switches on the chest control box operate the illumination of the various dials, so as to conserve power when strolling on the sunward side of any visited planet.

Now, gentle reader, with the archive being in such a horrific state we have been unable to surmise whether this device was employed in the visitation of any of Earth’s sister worlds, although this one tantalising image was discovered misfiled in a sheath of marmalade recipes:

(seriously, though, a rather exhaustive thread about the building of this thing may be found here:

Thanks to Smaggers for the photo manipulation on the Mars picture!)


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The forum is back…

The Steampunk Forum…

I wish to extend my heart felt thanks to Mr. D. Meyer for his heroic efforts in this respect…


Aaand, we’re back… almost.

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Your friendly (and rather welted) techie, here! If you’re seeing this post, you’ve arrived at the new home of BrassGoggles. You may notice that “” is in your address bar — don’t panic, this is only a temporary change so that people who have Internet Providers that are less savvy than yours have a chance to catch up. In about a week, the domain name in your address bar will change, and links to either or will work.

We can’t guarantee that the name will be around forever, so please continue to use in your links whenever you can. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Comments are back on and, oh yes… and the Forum is back!

Maybe now OSM will put his lash away.

Just in the nick of time Brass Goggles has been informed of The Jules Verne Festival that runs from the 24th to the 26th of  October (this weekend in fact)…  Follow the link for a better explanation of the proposed events on offer…

The Jules Verne Festival


Limited Edition Fez..!

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p style=”text-align: left;”>News comes to Brass Goggles from Jason of Fez-O-Rama  of a Limited Edition Fez! Made of beautiful mahogany velvet with an embroidered  clockwork motif suggestive of the proverbial “thinking cap” that many of us find essential to our tinkerisational conceptual ruminations… 22 of these have been made with a possibility of up to 12 more in the pipeline  at a cost of  $55 (+s&h) So before you sit down and put the old noggin to work, insert your fuming cranium into one of these. You can even specify the tassel colour…!

To find out more go here:


p style=”text-align: left;”>Fez-O-Rama


Word comes to the Brass Goggles in-tray of a leap forward in goggluar technology from Mr. Mike Brown principal artist of Highmoon Studios…

Mr. Brown acknowledges Mikest’s work, that was appeared on the forum, in influencing his design.  I recommend a peep at the full details and pictures here:

Titanium Goggles…


Visual Steam Punk Exhibition…

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Should one find one’s self in the environs of New York City, why not treat yourself to a visit to the American Primitive Gallery where an exhibiton entitled ‘Visual Steampunk’ has been mounted for your edification and delight…

Featuring the work of such artistic luminaries as Gerard Cambon, Taras Von Hrechniw (who’s work is featured at the head of this post.), Jim Bauer and the enticingly named Anonymous (doesn’t he/she just get everywhere?)…

Running from the 26th of September to the 26th of November there is still plenty of time for investigation by interested parties….

The American Primitive Gallery can be found at:

594 Broadway, Suite 205 (SOHO below Houston St.) Gallery hours are Tues – Sat 11 – 6. (212) 966 – 1530

American Primitive Gallery

My thanks to Aarne Anton for bring my attention to this event…



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A Miss Amy Pearson made us aware about the existence of her steampunk-esque comic and kindly requested that we report on it here. Her web-comic, titled “Mathema,” is set in Victorian London and is characterized by steam and clockworks intertwined with themes of magic and mathematics. The comic can be Read Online by everyone and steampunk enthusiasts in particular ought to check it out!

Do you find yourself approving of Miss Pearson’s style, then also visit her Blog for more!

Steampunk takes over MTV

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GD Click to see the MTVs take on Steampunk Infiltrates The Mainstream If there wasn’t already enough proof that the steampunk trend is gaining widespread attention, MTV has joined other media and entertainment institutions in attempting to cover it. MTV’s article can be found online, along with short films of interviews, a music video by Dr. Steel, and a performance by Abney Park. People interviewed include Tom Wileford of Brute Force Leather, authors G. D. Falksen and Cathrynne M. Valente, Joshua Pfeiffer of Vernian Process, the members of Abney Park,My self Evelyn a Brass Goggles contributor , various attendees of Salon Convention,DOV and even Voltaire representing the goth community. The coverage is generally very good, and the MTV researchers clearly listened to what their interviewees were telling them. A fair amount of effort is paid to connecting steampunk with modern film and culture, but that is only to be expected given that MTV is trying to make the subject accessible to its viewers. The film segment’s host, John Norris, makes a fantastic attempt at “dressing the part,” and even gets into the spirit of the trend. The coverage includes movies, music, and fashion. The famous and talented Kit Stølen is referenced for his iconic role in steampunk fashion.’s steampunk-themed sellers are referenced, as are Retroscope Fashions and RockLove Jewelry.

The vid clips that will air on MTV

The Photos

The on air times. MTV2 Tues 9/30- 6:30am, 7:23am, 8:15am MTVu Mon 9/29- 5:45pm, 7:45pm, 9:45pm, 11:45pm Tues 9/30- 1:45am, 3:45am, 5:45am, 7:45am, 9:45am, 11:45am, 1:45pm, 3:45pm, 5:45pm MTV has been taken over with Obama coverage. Steampunk is TBD but will air soon. Check out for the full piece. The whole Article

Steampunk Ornithopter

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“Flash Gorden, watch out!” With those telling words, the creator of this whimsical outfit begins her description of it. The creator in question is a Miss Amanda Scrivener AKA Professor Maelstromme, who also maintains several items of accessory For Sale.

“This both comfortable and lightweight Ornithopter,” she writes, “with its five minute capacity […] steam reservoir is ideal for performing those mid-flight Airship boarding actions and those days when perambulation does not quite cut it.” The contraption can apparently be operated with a single hand, leaving the other free to protect oneself with such an elegant ray-gun as the lady here is handling.

Many thanks to the author of the Steampunk Pics blog for suggesting this!