Marvin the Babbage Concierge

Mr Kaden Harris, of Eccentric Genius (what a well named site), sent word and images of this most dashing of Babbage contrivances – Marvin, the Anthropomorphic Concierge!  Equipped, for your pleasure, with illuminator eyes, a Farnsworth nocturnal electronic eye positioned in his nasal position, an Edisonic vocaliser for a mouth and suitably positioned binaural microphonic array.  Connectable via the universal serial data tram (bus is such a common word) this wonder of science is moved and positioned with a Phidget and is able to not only track persons and sounds around the room that it is located within, but is able to differentiate individuals!

This was a commission piece, and I admit to having a rather unhealthy dose of envy for the ultimate owner of Marvin, tempered with admiration at coming up with such a wonderful request.  Mr Harris – you have outdone yourself, and I can only hope that your patron is exceptionally pleased with the results!  Perhaps you could furnish us with a cinematogram of Marvin going through his paces?