Dances of Vice festival flyer

If you should find yourself in New York city in February of next year (2008), then you may be very interesed to hear that the Dances of Vice group will be hosting a two day Steampunk and retro event – the Dances of Vice Festival –  of music, theatre, costume and Victorian fencing!  Featuring artists such as Rasputina, The Deadfly Ensemble, The Blackforest Fancies and more – the highlight of the two day schedule to me sounds to be the grand neo-victorian costumed ball!

The Dances of Vice group are not strangers to the Steampunk theme, having had several monthly events under their belt already which wantonly revel in themes and costumes from the early 20th Century and a good two decades on either side to boot.

Do take a look at their website for more information, but I admit that just as I found the one-off Steampunk White Mischief event an impossible to resist temptation, the Dances of Vice Festival may well have me booking a trip across the pond!  I wonder how airport security would view a gizmo-embellished top hat – perhaps not a hand-luggage item.  Thank you, Ms Lee!