Lycanthropic Remedy Kit

Mr Babinski has enjoyed a whirlwind romance with Steampunk recently – being caught up in the wonderful visuals that we’ve come to adore – and being an artist of no small skill it has come to infleunce his work.  Above, you can see Dr. Babinski’s Lycanthropy Remedy, a rather grim looking device for both indicating what portion of the patient is lupine vs human, and one must assume that the curious and bilious looking fluid will either kill or cure the wolf portion of the victim.  I mean, patient.  Ahem.

Constructed of Sterling silver, copper, wood and other found items, this really does look like a wonderful item for starting the most terribly interesting conversations over.  There’s some other objects that Mr Babinski has created – some lovely wing and cog pins for example in his Steampunk Emporium of creations!   Very well done, Mr Babinski!