The Clockwork Arachnid

Posted by on July 11th,2007

The Clockwork Arachnid by Cazouillette from the Steampunk Forum

Over at the forum, honoured member Cazouillette has crafted this creature of dreams and nightmares from beautiful brass, clockwork and sculpey.  While you can quite easily imagine it click clicking and tick ticking on those breathtakingly sharp points, it does not, at this time, possess the ability to move.  Perhaps I heard a collective sigh of relief from certain groups of readers, and sighs of disappointment from others.  It’s a wonderful creation, small enough for the palm of the hand and was built to accommodate three pocket watch keys (as ‘program keys) in its abdomen.  Oh it just looks so very much like it is about to scutter off somewhere for mischief.  Ticky ticky ticky…. Tap tap tap.  Beautiful work, Cazouillette!