Kat Bret’s Photography

Posted by on July 18th,2007
Kat Bret's photography - a Steampunk selection

Ms Bret wrote to say that if you take a look at her site, she’s been doing a series of fashion photography recently with a very heavy Steampunk leaning – there are currently eight specifically Steampunk images (such as the one above, with that lovely dusty effect) and a couple of rather nice Alice in Wonderland themed ones too! The colours are really marvellous with wonderful richness (and it must be said that the clothing selections are wonderful too – I do hope it’s not just the goggles talking.) There’s one or two images in the non-Steampunk section that might have the more delicate employers get a little bothered (one with a topless lady at an angle, the other with what looks like half a mouse – first and second from the left on the second row, respectively) but most of them are perfectly fine for all situations. New photographs are often seen on the Steampunk Fashion livejournal community (which is downright thriving these days, I might add). Lovely work, Ms Bret.

[edit – Foolishly I somehow managed to edit away the link to her site while writing the post – I do apologise, and the link is now included properly.  So sorry.]