Steam Trek: The Moving Picture!

Posted by on June 2nd,2007


This is rather amusing indeed! While it has apparently been around the conventions, it was new to me so may still be new to some others – it’s a reimagining of Star Trek, named Steam Trek, as if created by someone much like Georges Méliès in 1902 and deeply Steampunk. Glorious paper spaceships on string, two dimensional enginerooms, puppets, bombs and dastardly men who kidnap headstrong young ladies! Oh what fun. chuckles

The above version was cut slightly for YouTube, but the extended version (as well as a rather nice, if slow, animated cog flash interface) can be found on the creators site. It’s fantastic to see Sooty there too – Izzy Wizzy indeed. Thanks to both the Emperor of the forums and Mr Von Slatt for pointing this out!