Posted by on May 27th,2007


So, I’m *ahem* only 53 years late in watching this, one of the most iconic of Steampunk movies, though the majority of those years I hope I’d be forgiven for. But yes – I’ve finally watched the Disney movie, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. (Amazon UK/US).  It was fantastic, even after over half a century, with beautiful interiors, rivets a plenty, the wonderful Captain Nemo and that fantastic giant squid.  Others have spoke of it far better than I can, and I really do feel quite foolish even trying to do it justice myself.  So many other things just make that much more sense, now.
However, there was one part of it that I found myself strangely drawn to – the dinner scene.  Finding all they need at the bottom of the ocean, I wondered about some of the ingredients mentioned – sea cucumber, sea snake, barnacles and blowfish.  For those interested, apparenty sea cucumber can be bought dried, and acts somewhat like tofu in its form and lack of taste (but willingness to aquire other flavours), but sea snake doesn’t seem to get eaten much, possibly because it contains a venom that affects the nervous system (still, didn’t stop people eating blowfish).  Still, interesting and it all facinated me, Captain Nemo getting all he needs from the ocean, from food to peace of mind.

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