The Villanizer – Steampunk Guitar

Posted by on April 28th,2007

The Villanizer Steampunk Guitar

As I said – a very good weekend for Steampunk contraptions – the above is the Villanizer Steampunk Guitar, created by Thunder Eagle Guitars.  With pipes and guages and beautiful gears – amazingly she sounds as good as she looks!  The creator modified a Rhodes Jackson V, copper plating some pickups, re-facing the guage, and adding some wonderful paint effects.  The creator (thundereagle) even posted about it on The Steampunk Forum, explaining a little more about the guitar.

Thanks to the people who have pointed me in this direction today – Crabfu, Tom, BoingBoing and Mr Libertino.  What a beautiful beast, and I shall quite envy the lucky person who emerges battered,bleeding and victorious from the upcoming Ebay auction for it.