Mechanical Flying Lantern Fish from Iyasakado's Steampunk Animations

Oh now – these are wonderful and a perfect example of all that is good about Flash based animation!  Mr Sandorm sends word of a Japanese site called Iyasakado that has a large section called “Steel Fantasia”.  Featured there are no less than five wonderfully Steampunk flash animations:

  • Commuters:  All’s fair in love, war, and getting that last seat on the morning commute!  Businessmen must be prepared for all out WAR to succeed – an airship and biplane filled battle metaphor for getting ahead in business.
  • Usigaeru:  A heartwarming animation featuring a little mouse, an unexpected friend, and an amazing battle/chase scene with mechanised creatures galore!  Quite lovely, this one.
  • Harunohi:  My personal favourite.  A student takes the cog-train to class, but falls asleep and takes an amazing journey through the sky-ocean!  Sweet and lighthearted.
  • Two Legged Tank:  Completely war based this one.  From what I can tell (it’s quite dialog heavy) a batallion of walking tanks conceive of a strategy to take out a well fortified enemy tank.  Rather ‘People’s Steampunk’ this one.
  • Ornithopter:  A journey across skies and sea, from one country to another, over borders and battles, this little ornithopter flies with just one mission.

As you can perhaps tell, my two favourites are the more lighthearted of the bunch – Harunohi and Usigaeru.  Not knowing Japanese, I’m afraid I cannot tell you any more about these, but they are lovely.  They may take a little while to load at first (being flash based) so do give them time.  Thank you so much, Mr Sandorm – you have very much put a smile on my face.