Stardust – Film

Posted by on March 31st,2007

UdW7rbcfGzs I post this trailer, because it’s on YouTube and thus fits nicely in the post, but really – you want to see the one at the official Stardust movie site – it’s much lovelier! And if that’s not quite enough for you, then there’s an alternative trailer at Yahoo. So perfectly amazing looking – airships! But what can you say about Stardust? It’s from the book by Mr Neil Gaiman (and what a delightful teller of tales he is) where a young man leaves the small Victorian village he resides in, to find a recently fallen shooting star as a token of his love for the village beauty. Of course, it doesn’t go as simple as he may have imagined it would.

I’ve got the book less than 4ft from where I’m sitting and I’m going to have to read it now – I mean, the trailer has airship pirates in it! Perfectly wonderful – between this and The Golden Compass, it seems that 2007 is the year for Steampunk airship films. I’m not about to complain. August cannot come soon enough for this! Thanks to the Steampunk Forum members, the people of The Clockworkers Journal, and Sci-Freaks for pointing it out – you’d have thought I’d have noticed by now!