Pierre Scalaire – Metallic Sculpture

Posted by on March 15th,2007

Pierre Scalair's Palabres

Thank you to Mr Estee (via Streetech) for pointing out the downright stunning works of French artist, Pierre Scalair!  With works in brass, bronze, copper, tin and all manner of lovely metals, there’s some beautiful Steampunk animals that look like they are only pausing between breaths of steam before clunking and clanking out of frame.  From sculptures of fish that were once ocean liners, to several mechanical ‘kisses’, to several lovely rhinos such as the one above, his work seems often playful and really celebrates the life these metal entities ought to have.  Reminds me somewhat of the ridable metal lioness from a while ago – imagine clunking down the street atop a fullsized, steampowered metal rhino!  That would turn heads, certainly – the only way to travel.  (Except perhaps mechanical spider or airship.)  Seems that BoingBoing pipped me to the post too!