Pufferfish Controlled Brass Horns

Posted by on December 29th,2006

Puffer Fish Pedastal

Ok, this has to be one of the more peculiar things that I’ve found, but it’s delightfully bonkers and more than a little Steampunk. It’s like someone took the tame but quite unhinged sketches of a Victorian inventor and actually made one come true! What is it? Well, it’s Keny Marshall’s Apophenia – and it’s pufferfish in a glass and brass pedastal, watched without rest by several cameras which convert the fishes’ movement into in- and exhalations into brass horns. I found this over at the Table of Malcontents (and they found it at We Make Money Not Art). I imagine if you were in Pittsburgh, you could go and see/hear it in the… brass? Wanders off, impressed by the curiosity of it