Mr N Ottens Steampunk Page

Posted by on December 4th,2006

Sky Captain Image

Far too long ago, much to my shame, Mr N Ottens kindly sent word of his Steampunk webpage that he nurtures – with a gallery of theme images (such as the Sky Captain image above), a collection of landscape images with quotations to suit, and an article on the future of the past – an almost pulp-era look at what the cities of the future were imagined as, in various bygone years. Oh – and a page on ‘Dieselpunk’, which is new to me – the darker, alternative 1940’s with the war that never ended. Interesting (and probably very Return to Castle Wolfenstein) but not quite to my taste right now.
However I cannot mention Mr Ottens page without mentioning the Steampunk forum that he casts his kindly gaze apon – Nov-Net. His aim is to provide a place for Steampunk fans to discuss the ‘what if’s that so often twinkle in the Victorian era that never was. Sorry it took me so long to post this, Mr Ottens – you’ll forgive me, I trust?

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