Metronome – PC/360 Game?

Posted by on December 27th,2006

Metronome Screenshot

My thanks to Mr J Svensson who pointed out the above game, Metronome, to me (though it seems it’s been on Retrostacja’s link page for a while). Made by the Swedish game developers, Tarsier Studios, it’s a third person adventure that reeks of graphical style not terribly unlike a cartoonish version of something inspired by the film Delicatessen. It’s an alternative world where the Corporation rules all things, and steam engines and giant switchboards dominate a city where people just can’t help but work.
The main ‘trick’ to the game, however, must be its reliance on sound – a puzzle system where each sound can be recorded and used to manipulate the world around you. Sounds (no pun intended) most interesting, but to my sorrow the game has gone all quiet. It seems that since a good showing at E3, they’ve yet to pick up a publisher to run with the game, and it languishes unloved. There’s little information, but you can find a trailer here, along with screenshots and the official site (as yet unopened). Looks nice, and I wish them all the best in their quest for a publisher. I wonder what a Metrognome is…

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