Mechanical/Electrical Butterfly

Posted by on December 27th,2006

Butterfly Ornament

I apologise for the blurry picture; I’m sure it was taken in haste due to the excitement of creation, but the subject itself is interesting – the Resistor Butterfly, a cobbled together ornament from various items that the creator (the Datamancer, known before for some lovely cog necklaces) had available in the house: jewelery scraps, wire, clock gear, electronics and a phone line wall box. You should know, however, that on the same page as this butterfly is a marvelous construction of gutted lightbulb and LED based firefly imitations – and I was ever so close to posting that initially. But the gods of Steampunk would have frowned apon me, for while the firefly bulb is delightful, it is not actually Steampunk by my own standards. But the butterfly is lovely – indeed it reminds me of those note holding clips that populate many an office desk.