Jin Wicked – Artist/Illustrator

Posted by on December 27th,2006

Kitten and the Clockmaker Cafepress

Some time ago, Mr M Snyder sent me a bundle of links that I’m still having the pleasure of making my way through – one of which is to the artist Jin Wicked‘s page. An artist with a love for clocks, cogs and antiques is always something I like to see, and Ms Wicked’s work has that in spades. Even her signature image sports a dashing hat, a brolly, a feathered wing and a mechanical wing, and a backdrop of cogs and flowers – quite a Steampunk combination!

The above image is one of Ms Wicked’s drawings entitled Kitten and Clockmaker, and shows a diminutive clockmaker in his busy workshop working on a goggle-wearing angelic automaton. What a world to have painted in one image! Much to my dismay, the actual page for that image seems to be broken, so the image above is from the Cafepress shop. Many thanks, Mr Snyder!