Steampunk Laptop – Translation

Posted by on October 18th,2006

Steampunk Laptop Closeup

If you recal the beautiful Steampunk laptop I posted about a few days ago, you may remember that the site it was from was beyond my ken. However, the resourceful Mr Andy W asked a good friend of his to translate the page, and so we have some more information regarding it’s construction.

“I tried to make it different looking from Macintosh. Rather than that, my feeling after I was waived by a girl affected the style of it. I my myself like this type of design anyway, though. I made leather bags for LCD and AC, it weighs 10 kilogram totally with main machine. I went out in the city couple of times, but my shoulder seemed to be broken. The space bar is made of wood. The cool equipment in this version. When you ring the bell, it works as enter key. You know when you change the line on the typewriter, you can hear the sound of bell. I put the circuit for delay , since the key imput is recognized as chattering. This is a side story, but I am developing Morse code keyboard which allow you to input info with one key. It should be helpful for the olds who cannot handle with the keyboards. Serial, USB, analogue display, etc …. are equipped.but you cannot connect LAN cable I ask you not to call it Terry Gilliam or Cronenberg. It really depress me. And if you have good sense, you can see they are totally different.”

Thank you very much, Mr Andy W. It’s very intersting to know what that page was saying – particularly things like their plans for the future (the morse keyboard) and not comparing it to Gilliam or Cronenberg. (And the weight!)